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Every morning you get up, take a shower, drink coffee, you dress. That is a natural thing we do every day, but do we think about the fact that we dress person’s heart? Do we think that the images which appear on our shirts depict emotions, feelings that reflect one’s soul? Do you wonder that colored body presents a stories in tattoo-body show? Maybe not. About this unusual and popular kind of art will tell us today KG Art Design. Welcome!

Paulina Kanak: You work as a freelancer, there is no doubt that you are an artist. How would you describe things you do? What kind of art do you „make”?

KG ART DESIGN: I don’t like term an artist, but it’s hard to find another word so I deal with that. I make drawing, graphics that born in my head and usually it hits on clothing (t-shirt mostly), currently you can buy t-shirts with my designs at, in the future I plan to establish cooperation with American platform I also made custom logo’s, tattoo design, digital illustration, portrait & caricature. It’s hard to say what kind of art it is, I’m focus on traditional and digital works where I like to experiment with.

Paulina Kanak: Your works are very diversified. We can see many modern elements, but for the other hand we can also find some retro style. Your works show very strong commitment and some kind of “lightness”. Where do you get inspiration from?

KG ART DESIGN: The fact is that gallery on my fanpage show works that were created at the turn of the years and you can’t see no “commitment” because I “evolved” in some way and I think I’m on the home stretch to reach a style that suits me. (Of course, in the gallery are only a handful of drawings/sketches that I made)

Paulina Kanak: The projects you made are only your imagination or maybe is it imposed by someone, for example .: the customers?

KG ART DESIGN: Exactly I answered it on first question. Usually I decide what kind of this stuff go on t-shirts, unless projects I make directly for ordering person/company. It looks similarly with tattoo projects, customer describes what pattern should present and contain, next I prepare a sketch and after approval I move on to shading/finishing project. If we talk about portraits there situation is clear J I draw the uploaded image.

I would argue, that if you do everything a little in effect you don’t do nothing to 100% well. I do things that suit me and I’m glad that I have my audience.

KG_Art_Design_32Paulina Kanak: Is that difficult for you when someone ask to perform things that you don’t feel, things that are specific? Each artist has developed a style and matures to changes. It is probably quite difficult but your business requires it, right?

KG ART DESIGN: There are projects that aren’t in my style, but it could be some refreshing the mind and also will take a break from the style I prefer. Perhaps it can shed new light on the perception of the individual elements of drawing/design which will pay off when I return to my style.

Paulina Kanak: At the moment you make tattoo designs, portraits, t-shirt designs. Do you plan to expand your business?

KG ART DESIGN: I don’t think so, I focus on things I’m doing now and this is the way I want to develop. I would argue, that if you do everything a little in effect you don’t do nothing to 100% well. I do things that suit me and I’m glad that I have my audience.

Paulina Kanak: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

KG ART DESIGN: If it’s going about drawing – though it may sound immodest, I would like to be on the forefront – which for me now is the headlamp and never stand out from the best.

Paulina Kanak: In view of your large talent and big group of fans I’m convinced that there are many young people who would like to be the way you are and grow in the direction that you have planned. What is your advise for these people as an artist? How they have to be, what they need to do to achieve success?

KG ART DESIGN: Thank you very much for all this compliments J Talent – there you are. Talent is another extremely used word. This is just a small percentage of what concur to success. If you feel that you have fun, that something gives you joy and satisfaction, when it starts to bring more and more successful – work on it and cherish it, and finally get to the end. When you watching a beautiful work of graphic artists/designers, etc., the first word that falls as a rule it is talent. But no one considers the hundreds of hours, nights, discarded sheets, frustration with the failures and determination, which leads to the fact that the goals are reached. If you ask about what has helped me in the development of goals, there are the things listed above, as well as self-confidence that I got from God, I don’t know if I have got talent, but I certainly have got faith, and I know that God helps me every day. Of course, not all people have to believe etc., but if you ask me – I have no doubt, remember to always think positively, even when going uphill, you can do everything. 

Paulina Kanak: Referring to the previous questions, I would like to ask you is it difficult to buy into grace of fans on social networks? Today, your profile on Facebook counts more than 6560 followers. How did you manage to reach such a large audience?

KG ART DESIGN: To be honest I don’t know when so many fans join to my page. This is a very driving and motivating. I’m not a fan of the “empty like”, but let us face it, everyone likes to get also positive kick and it really motivates you. It is known that failures teach us very much, but you also know that we are doing things that someone likes. Unfortunately today is a little bit harder to reach consumers because of algorithms and schemes which Facebook operates, as well as in terms of increasing competition 🙂

Paulina Kanak: Which social media do you use to connect with fans?

KG ART DESIGN: T-shirts with my designs are available at Also I have accounts on YouTube where you can find movies with a draw, Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart, and on my „personal” (:P) website, which is still under construction:

Paulina Kanak: What kind of art – besides your own – do you appreciate? Who is your favorite artist?

KG ART DESIGN: It’s a lot of artists I like. I appreciate Leonarda Da Vinci, Salvador Dali with contemporary artists I admire the work of Riccardo Federici and also artists under pseudonyms „Andrei Skull”, „EG Freak”, Timbur Khabirov, „Greenway” – This is definitely my lead 🙂

Paulina Kanak: How your day looks usually? How looks day of Artist?

KG ART DESIGN: It starts with no surprise – shower 🙂 Then I switch on PC, make a coffee (but now I can only dream about coffee, because my fiancée arranged a cleaning diet: P replacement is yerba mate and Cistus ) I sit down to a computer that is on my homemade desk (In the past I thought it’s big desk but now I miss for more spice). I check out emails, message on Facebook, I discuss new orders from the authorities and then I’m taking the current job. During drawing I like to listening music (mostly rock/HH) but I also like audiobooks for example Joseph Murphy. How it looks like, but there is also a time for walk with my fiancée, sometimes for watching some movie and reading a book.

Paulina Kanak: It is common to say that the best works are created under the influence of a particular stimulus, which is usually pain and suffering. How do you evaluate it? Is it truth that the best works are created under the influence of certain emotions completely unrelated to art?

KG ART DESIGN: I am trying to stay in positive attitude and that drives me to work, so unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t know if pain and suffering would impinge on my work.

Paulina Kanak: Supposedly (people say that) that Kurt Cobain created the most beautiful song when he has drunk alcohol or other stimulants. I understand that it’s not affect you?

KG ART DESIGN: Kurt was a great artist who went trough a lot in his life, so certainly it influenced on his fate. So my situation is different. I’m not a teetotaler, I think that everything is for people (i.e. if we talk about some stimulants I drink sometimes but not too much + unfortunately cigarettes, but I learned to smoke only when I drink) I must admit that even a small dose of alcohol (proverbial one beer) didn’t affect well on my concentration when I draw J)

Paulina Kanak: On your fanpage we can find a lot of works, paintings or movie which show us how you work. Could you tell us what this project present? And how do you interpret that?


KG ART DESIGN: It’s just a project quite popular in the circles of tattoo theme of biomechanics. I prepared it for the customer as a pattern on his arm. It’s hard to say what it’s meaning to a person who ask about made this, everyone decides about pattern that suits best to them or will be more important for them.




Paulina Kanak: How it exactly is with this art? Is a potential customer who visits your site and sees your works should contemplate this and interpret this in a particular way? Or maybe we just should think that „it’s cool, I like it,” but don’t think about meaning? Is your every project there has some depth and we should trace down to it, or maybe we should judge it in simply way „I like it” and „I don’t like it”?

KG ART DESIGN: I let to decide about this people who visit my site  But yes, there are some works that I want to say and show something. Although I make no bones about works that are just great visually. Soon I also want to take care of Slavic designs t-shirts. One of them is already made, now it’s time for another. I think the Slavic culture is veeery rich in legends, stories, and has extensive „bestiary” that I want to convey in my own style. It’s easy to see that I like to draw a skull, dark motives and I have reached a conclusion that it might be a nice idea to provide our Slavic descriptions for painting

Paulina Kanak: We are very grateful for your time and the interview. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

KG ART DESIGN: I would like to thank all people who are with me on my fan page and support me, I would like to thank people who devote time to read this interview. Remember to always follow your dreams and it’s not empty words. Regularity, faith in yourself and everything will be possible for you!



by Paulina Kanak

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