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Amazing Interview with Michael Meinhart from Socionic made by Shanti

We have good news for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Deftones and Alice in Chains. The American alternative progressive rock band Socionic has fresh great sound for you. Check the art videos and listen to Identity on Reverbnation  Shanti: Michael Meinhart (lead singer of the band) found free time for our conversation between recording, song writing and video editing. So the first we want to say thank you, Michael, for answers and attention. We know you’re very busy so appreciate for your kindness. Michael Meinhart: I thank you for reaching out and taking the time to write the interview. We are very appreciative of all who love and support independent music. Shanti: You’re a lead singer and song writer but who else play in Socionic? Introduce other member of the band. We know you got a new guitarist? Michael Meinhart: The other members of the band are: Matthew Denis playing bass guitar, Lior Dar on drums, and Billy Grazcyk playing lead guitar. Billy recently joined the band earlier this year and has already been a valuable addition. Everyone in the band is an extremely talented musician, and it is truly an honor to be able to be able work together. Shanti: We also know that you’re on the hunt for a new lockout and home for the band. Did you find something? Did Socionic get home? Michael Meinhart: Yes, we had been rehearsing and doing auditions...

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Laureaci konkursu Nasze Miasto Gra: Czwarty Poziom!

By Canaq April 9, 2014 7 lipca 2012 roku zespół zagrał swój pierwszy koncert w ramach “Nocy na zamku ” w Oleśnicy. Kolejne występy między innymi w Zielonej Górze czy Bytomiu zaowocowały współpracą z Jakubem „Kubą” Skupińskim, który dołączył do zespołu w styczniu 2013 roku. Obecnie zespół w składzie: Maciej “Lesiu” Lesicki (wokal, teksty), Adrian “Aduś” Morawski (gitara, wokal), Jakub “Kuba” Skupiński (gitara), Łukasz “Poziom” Poździoch (bass), i Jakub “Rud-Lee” Rudlicki (perkusja), ma na swoim koncie koncerty między innymi we Wrocławiu, Ostrowie  Wielkopolskim, Brzegu, Nowym Tomyślu, Toruniu, Dusznikach i Pleszewie. Największy zagrany przez Czwarty Poziom koncert miał miejsce w czerwcu 2013 roku na Pikniku Lotniczym w Oleśnicy, gdzie zespół wystąpił jako support TSA. W przerwach między koncertami, zespół ciężko pracował nad swoim Demo. Prace nad albumem trwały w Marcu i Kwietniu 2013 roku a za jego produkcję odpowiadał przyjaciel zespołu Marcin “Mrówa” Klimkiewicz. Mini-Album MMXIII zawierający 4 kompozycje miał swoją premierę 18 kwietnia 2013 roku. Kolejnym przełomowym punktem w dorobku zespołu była trasa koncertowa, promująca album MMXIII. Na swoim profilu na Facebooku, zespół podkreśla: Organizacja trasy koncertowej „Tylko Tour 2013” nie byłaby możliwa gdyby nie olbrzymi wkład Rafała Wojtczaka, menadżera zespołu 16 listopada 2013 roku zespół wygrał konkurs Nasze Miasto Gra i zagrał na festiwalu LuxFest 2013 na Poznańskiej Arenie z takimi gwiazdami jak as Luxtorpedy, Grubson czy Maleo Reggae Rockers. Mimo natłoku obowiązków i licznych koncertów jakie gra Czwarty Poziom udało...

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I reach through dark to find the light

Have you ever stopped breathing while you are listening to music? Your breath stops, the rhythm of your heartbeat belongs to the music and the voice and the song controls your mind. Even when song ends you are still under the spell of it. If you never have felt these feelings and want to try – just check out Identity by Socionic (listen to and download on Official Site). By Julie Pavlova March 20, 2014 This is EP of the alternative progressive rock band from California. Originally formed as a multi-media studio side project in 2008 by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Michael Meinhart while performing with other bands around Los Angeles. The a broader concept took seed with the completion of a set of demos entitled “The Ogden Project”, and the inspiration to continue to expand expression through music and other mediums. The project has since evolved its dynamic power and potential with the addition of members Matthew Denis (bass), Billy Graczyk (guitar)  and Lior Dar (drums). You feel their magic from the first second to the last but you can dig deeper to the magic of Socionic if you go to youtube channel and check out them art video. Their dark art beautiful are stunning! Socionic – Epiphany – Artwork Music Video Here’s several opinions from different media and these only approve my own point of view. Top 25 New Music...

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Catherine Falcon Make-Up Artist Interview

What inspired or motivated you to become a makeup artist? I was fascinated by make-up since I was a child. I have always been passionate about drawing and the fine arts. The aesthetics of the human body have fascinated me since I was very small and the way makeup can work in conjunction with natural beauty to enhance or transform the characteristics of the human body. I guess I took my love for the fine arts and began looking at the human body as a canvas. The difference was that I could paint a different picture on the same canvas every day. Is it interesting to be a makeup artist? Have you ever faced a funny situation? Probably working with kids. They love makeup and are fascinated by it but they don’t sit still long enough for you to get your work done. The best is when they fall asleep and you can work on them in peace. What brands do you prefer working with? Depends on what I’m trying to achieve. I work with all kinds of brands. Each one specializes in a certain kinds of products but generally I make a rule of working only with top-shelf materials. That being said sometimes I will procure materials from small boutiques and unlikely shops. I always buy new things and test them to ensure that I have a unique...

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